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Note On Massive Shortages and Backorder (I have some c60 OIL in as of now, but no grams for DIY for at least 4 weeks)

“We’ve been in contact with our suppliers and it’s not looking good at all, even for late October. Our supplier is in touch with the entire industry and is doing everything he can to get supplies. We advised him not to supply his competitors! Because the situation is so bad no-one in the industry is able to manufacture C60 right now.

Our supplier told us even if he had 10kg right now, all of it is sold already and he’d need another 20kg just to keep on top of things. Carbon 60 takes a lot of time to make and is made in small quantities. Our supplier is using this time (while it’s quiet) to scale up and make significant investment. They have also stopped taking orders. However they are supplying C60 in small amounts of a few grams and hopefully everything will be resolved in time.The situation is completely out of our hands. We are doing everything humanly possible to get raw carbon 60.

Predicting a shortage disaster would happen, we ordered large supplies in early July, long before the shortage but were still too late even at that point.

We’ve contacted companies in Europe, Asia and the US and some are not even responding. So even October is not looking good. If we were to be honest, we’d say at this point December. Mr. Nemos as I suggested, you can receive a full refund. But there is no way the prices will remain and you are wise to have placed orders, because we feel significant price increases are on the cards and we’ll have to pass them on. We’ve been warned again and again about price increases by our supplier and other manufacturers. We are working on making a reactor right now, but that is also going to take time. It’s a completely bespoke reactor and we’ll be developing it as we build it. It’s completely different than anything else. We’re not looking for partners right now, but perhaps there could be an opening for same or similar in the future, when this mess gets ironed out. If you have knowledge of a supplier, please let us know.”