Tech giants now pushing ANTI-knowledge to keep humanity dumbed down and trapped in mental prisons

(Natural News) Far from helping people access knowledge and facts, search engines like Google now push anti-knowledge — the opposite of knowledge — in order to keep people dumbed down. The evil tech giants are now systematically de-platforming all channels and sources of real human knowledge, awakening and truth. For the topics that really matter,… […]

Prepare for BATTLE: Visual tour of the Health Ranger’s tactical battle belt gear for self-defense and survival

(Natural News) You’re about to see a video that would be almost instantly banned on YouTube: A visual tour of my “battle belt” that details the specific gear I carry on a “light recon” load out for self-defense and SHTF community defense scenarios. The video also covers a unique configuration of backup sights and a… […]

Polytoxicity — Why Chemical Safety Studies Cannot Be Trusted

One section of the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) requires the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to “compile, keep current and publish a list of each chemical substance manufactured or processed” in the U.S.1 The initial reporting began in 1978 and was published in 1979, listing 62,000 chemical substances. Currently, the TSCA inventory lists 85,000 chemicals.2 […]

Wikipedia co-founder: “Wikipedia is broken,” run by bad actors and special interests to smear all voices of dissent

(Natural News) Sharyl Attkisson is one of the top journalists operating in America today. She has fearlessly investigated the “vaccine deep state” and was fired from the corporate-run media for daring to report truths about vaccines. Her latest investigation takes an in-depth look at Wikipedia, the “free encyclopedia” that has been overtaken by bad actors… […]

California’s wealthy elite finally facing their day of reckoning as liberal policies leave surge of homeless people, used needles and human feces on their doorstep

(Natural News) It’s pretty easy for people to adopt liberal policies when these policies don’t have any direct impact on their lives, but the real test of what someone truly believes is what happens when those policies are enacted in their own backyard. Ultra-rich Californians who publicly claim to promote all sorts of liberal policies… […]