Organ harvesting from euthanized humans begins in CANADA, with full support from medical authorities

(Natural News) It would appear as though Communist China’s illicit organ harvesting racket has finally creeped its way into North America, as new reports indicate that euthanasia patients in Canada are now having their vital organs collected while they’re still alive, and “voluntarily” donated for profit after their deaths. According to Frank Buckley, a law… […]

Left-wing Antifa terrorists brutally assault journalist in Portland, throw cement “milkshakes” as kinetic weapons while police stand and watch

(Natural News) Breaking news confirms that Antifa terrorists in Portland brutally assaulted, beat and robbed an independent journalist today. The entire “mainstream” media is ignoring the story, since it doesn’t fit their narrative. It’s not clear that radical left-wing Antifa groups must be designated domestic terrorists, and all those who promote them or join them… […]

How potassium iodide may help protect against radiation

Table of Contents What is potassium iodide? Potassium iodide’s health benefits Studies on potassium iodide confirm its other uses Side effects of potassium iodide Potassium iodide’s contraindications Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about potassium iodide Have you ever been curious as to why table salt is sometimes labeled “iodized?” This is because of potassium iodide, a […]

Google is Darth Vader: New meme released – share everywhere

(Natural News) With Google doubling down on its criminal enterprise of election meddling and politically motivated censorship, the world is becoming increasingly aware of how unfair and evil Google has become. A new meme has emerged that perfectly captures Google’s “philosophy” of brainwashing the public by rigging search results and search suggestions to annihilate independent… […]

How to grow lychee

Lychee is an exotic evergreen tree that can reach 40 feet in height.1 It produces red ovoid fruits with white flesh, a single large seed, and a tough, “bumpy,” easily peeled skin. As noted by The Spruce,2 “The fruit has a light, perfume-like flavor. It is usually eaten fresh or frozen and can be made […]

Every employee of Google is complicit in carrying out crimes against humanity (and coordinated online “book burning” to annihilate human knowledge)

(Natural News) As we witness the shocking depths of criminality and evil being carried out by Google and its censorship agenda, it’s crucial to remember that every Google employee is complicit in carrying out these crimes against humanity. These people are not just “following orders” like the East German soldiers manning the Berlin Wall. They… […]

BUSTED: Democrats are intentionally withholding assistance and supplies to illegal minors at the border so they can blame Trump for “caging children”

(Natural News) Even as they feign being heartbroken over the plight of illegal alien children being held in detention facilities at America’s southern border, leftist Democrats have kept themselves busy actively blocking aid to these same children as a gesture of hatred towards President Donald Trump. As you probably know, Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC),… […]