Prepper medicine: Considerations for OTC meds in your survival cache

(Natural News) Non-prescription drugs are a vital part of any prepping stockpile or bug-out bag. As a prepper, when selecting over-the-counter drugs, you must consider potential drug interactions; decide between branded and generic products; evaluate herbal alternatives; and keep track of expiration dates. Taking more than one drug at the same time may lead to harmful interactions between the… […]

11 MILLION deaths worldwide linked to poor eating habits, warn researchers

(Natural News) The “Standard American diet” is killing the world’s population, one garbage meal at a time. A newly published analysis confirms that poor nutrition is responsible for a staggering 11 million deaths internationally. Data from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 finds that the leading causes of nutrition-related death include heart disease, type… […]

“Mental health” now being used as an excuse to expand government surveillance of everyone’s electronic devices, including Amazon Echo, Apple Watches and Google Home devices

(Natural News) If there is one thing Americans on the Left and Right can agree upon today it’s that we are all being spied on way too much. Initially, as the Information Age brought about technologies like email, cellphones and text messaging, we only had to worry about Uncle Sam and big government eavesdropping on… […]

STUPID: Liberal San Francisco bans bottled water at the airport, but not soda loaded with high-fructose corn syrup

(Natural News) Liberal virtue signaling on the Left Coast reaches new heights with the banning of plastic water bottles at the San Francisco Airport. Under the ban, single-use plastic water bottles will no longer be sold at airport restaurants, shops and vending machines. According to officials, the move to eliminate plastic water bottles is an… […]