Dustin Nemos, Rather than a Title, Let me Bare my Soul with you. 
Simple Truth Teller (in a Time of Deception) Censored Journalist, Loving Father, Proud Patriot, MSM Maligned & Bestselling Author of (QAnon: An Invitation to the Great Awakening,Well Connected Networker (Working on it!), Struggling Influencer, Humbled Autodidact, Overs Stressed Polymath, Armchair Philosopher(VoluntaryIST), Austrian Economist, Red pilled Historian. Student of Alternative Healing, Animal Friend, and Agricultural Dreamer. Former Dream-building Waiter & Terrible Bartender, Serial Entrepreneur, Self Made Man (Financial Freedom by 24, then LOST IT ALL – And Happy I Did!), Reluctant Warrior and Vigilante Watcher on the Walls. Captain (sort of), Brother, Grandson, I Broke the Cycle of Ignorance and Drug Use That Destroyed My Family.. Trained in Krav Maga, Interested in Wing Chun.
I fight Opioids because it destroyed my family. Down to their very souls.
I fight Big Pharma because they are Destroying Health
I Spread principles of VoluntaryISM and Free Market Economics to spread freedom and prosperity.
I Spread Knowledge to fight Suffering.
I’m Taking a Stand. Will you?
“I will persist until I succeed”  
“I don’t want war, but if it must come. Let it come in my time, so that my children may know peace.”
This is my story so far. I invite you to be part of it.
If you are open to supporting this work, or considering. My income is completely funded by my viewers via shopping and direct support because they support my work. This relationship is sacred to me and I will honor it and use it responsibly for good.
A Conversation About The State of the World.
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  Those [good] who know cannot sleep. Those [good] who know cannot find peace. Those [good] who know will not rest until those responsible are held accountable. Nobody can possibly imagine the pure evil and corruption out there. Those you trust are the most guilty of sin. Who are we taught to Trust? If you are religious, PRAY. 60% must remain private [at least] – for humanity. These people should be hanging. Q (No, Not I)  
Have you heard about the Nemos News Network? 
My Dream is to channel my passion and that of others like me into an effective fighting team of Truther Spartans who will take the fight to the big leagues and represent truth and always offer a platform for controversial topics that powerful players don’t want seen or heard. If you support this goal and want to see what I am capable of with a little funding and the right team, then consider supporting my work via www.donorbox.org/DustinNemos or shopping on www.ApexHealth.Club. $17/month unlocks PERKS! Like Signed Bestselling QAnon: An Invitation to the Great AwakeningI vow to always represent Truth with integrity – until the day they kill me (And I suspect they will, otherwise I am not doing a good enough job! – Can you think of a better way to go?)   I can’t. let’s take on corruption, deception, and Fake MAGA and create new systems of accountability in politics and journalism. Let’s Network, Let’s Have an Art of War Session. Let’s Play to WIN.
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There will be more things coming. You’ve given me a voice in the battle, and I want to use it for good. But we must all help heal the massive damage done to society. I believe that networking can solve most problems. And what an opportunity to network with honorable people! the Truth Community is largely pre-filtered.Other Amazing things Coming up!   Alternatives to the traditional ‘Mortgage’ (Death Contract literal translation) and rat race. Options? (Ask me!)
*Creating Solutions to Free people from Medical and Political and Cultural Tyranny!  
*Charity Outreach for Unwell MAGA people? I have some ideas for changing the world. You in?  
*Networking Business Ventures to Fund Media Empire GROWTH (Hiring Help for the Nemos News Network)!? I’m a business guy at heart, I love making money the way a Capitalist does. By serving others and bringing value to the world.  
*Solutions to Housing Crisis? (And it could be a decent passive income!)  
*Solutions to Energy Crisis? (Yeah, I have something that could make a change. Let’s do this.)
*MAGA Networking Systems, Dating, Ad bidding, Job Hunting, Shopping, etc. Building systems to replace the corrupt. Decentralized as possible. (And wait til you meet my Programming Wizard!) This would allow Truth tellers to meet with sponsors and ad-buyers (preferably MAGA ONES!)  
*FUNDING TRUTHERS to BE sustainable. I LOVE business. I may as well use it to help my friends. Not only do I offer free advice and brainstorming with Truth Media figures (such as I am able, but I have a helluva team to plug into!) I offer free startup equipment and training for aspiring Speakers of Truth (if accepted).  Even Better, I find SOLUTIONS for struggling Truthers to GET FUNDING so they can FOCUS on their MISSION – Fighting Evil.
Carbon60 (SCAM ALERT) – The most exciting thing since Antibiotics just got a bit more exciting. Soon – Variety/Options/Choices when it comes to your C60 from a known and trusted supplier  (Beware Scammers, Ash or Charcoal as C60, listing higher concentrations of c60 to oil than .8mg/ml as that is not possible with most oils. Red Flag – There is also no such thing as ‘super c60’ (that is a scam.) Did I miss any? Price Shopping? (I do) Beware: folks because the reason the prices are so low may simply be (and trust me, 200/gram for the real deal is normal even for wholesale and I know the major producers in this industry) that they are using UNCLEANED (NOT SOLVENT FREE VACUUM OVEN BAKED) c60 (often to save money, unwittingly!) which is laced with toxins like Toluene.  
This is an industry in its infancy that can change the world. Will we let scammers hurt people and bring down the Regulators (Always itching for pretext to stop real health from hurting the profits, customers not cures mentality)  
C60 Will Change the World
These images will give you a quick peek into my heart and soul. And perhaps touch yours as well.

Vincit qui se vincit.