What Is Carbon 60?

What if carbon could extend your life?

Not just any carbon…  Carbon 60, or C60. 

Doctors and Scientists in a 2012 study discovered the lifespan nearly doubled in rats given C60

Why does that matter to YOU?

People who take C60 report their hair returns to its youthful color, vision gets clearer, and physical energy is sustained throughout the day.  They also report increased libido, and clearer, smoother skin…  

Doctors found C60 works by selectively neutralizing the most toxic free radicals in your body that cause aging.   

Click “Play” on the video below and turn up the sound to learn how C60 could hold the keys to longevity and anti-aging.

Why Are C60 Oils Important For Your Health?

They are good for your heart

Olive oil has been pinpointed as a major source of the cardiovascular benefits long associated with a Mediterranean diet. A recent study of a healthy Mediterranean population showed that olive oil consumption accounted for as much as a 44% reduction in cardiovascular deaths compared to those who didn’t use olive oil.

~Marsha McCulloch, RD

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They come from nature

Carbon 60 is a molecule in the shape of a spherical ball, made of 60 carbon atoms (C60). Its structure has both hexagon and pentagon formations. It is found in nature, a result of the residuals of a lightning strike typically in soot or other carbon-based ash in very small amounts. C-60 can also made in laboratories with an expensive and time consuming synthetic process.


They improve overall well being

Temple University research shows extra-virgin olive oil protects against memory loss, preserves the ability to learn and reduces conditions associated with Alzheimer's disease

Researchers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine found mice with EVOO-enriched diets had better memories and learning abilities compared to the rodents who didn't eat the oil.  Neuron connections in the brain were better preserved in those on an EVOO diet. ~Sean Rossman, USA TODAY

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Benefits According To Research

Is It Safe?

Lead researcher in Baati Rat study ( toxicity study that ended up doubling life rather than kill the rats!) said 'Safe at high doses over long Periods of Time.'

"How Does It Work?"

An Antioxidant

Free radicals can react with almost any molecule in your body and potentially damage it. Antioxidants like C60 prevents age-related decline. Antioxidants in vitamin C and E  have an effect on a particular active oxygen. The antioxidant effect in C60 has an even greater effect on all typical free radicals (removing the active oxygen).  The effect of this high concentration of antioxidant agents  is 172 times that of Vitamin C.


Oxidative Stress Reliever

The effects of C60-olive oil solutions in an experimental model strongly suggests that the effect on lifespan is mainly due to the attenuation of age-associated increases in oxidative stress. Pharmacokinetic studies show that dissolved C60 is absorbed by the gastro-intestinal tract and eliminated in a few tens of hours.

On Your Nerves

C60 has the ability to acquire positive charge by absorbing protons (positively charged hydrogen atoms) and could enter the mitochondria to prevent the source of damage. C60 prevents nerve cells from dying by either dehydration or amyloid-beta (causes Alzheimer’s) and allowed mice to live 8 days longer in a 120 day lifetime. Another study found that average lifespan can increase 5-14% even when starting halfway through the lives of mice.


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