C60 Industry Message- Plea for Quality Control

” By the way, do you feel open to helping me cram a QUALITY CONTROL SEAL of quality logo on the industry?

We can do it by hook or crook in this case, I will expose deceptive products hard soon. I want your help to get this infrastructure ready I cannot run this I am too busy (500 free trials came in 24 hours yesterday) but it needs it bad, people scamming folks.

I can get an artist to do a seal rough draft and we can pitch it to industry leaders (many are already in) but your a primary educational outlet for newcomers. I’d like to have you promote this seal as a way to protect them but with or without you, I will soon be forcing it on the liars. I don’t want it to be expensive or anything. I can pay for the tests maybe out of my own pocket if its not too bad for each of the main companies.*Worth a mention is my kickass affiliate program set to share (lifetime I hope, may change when I get legal advice but recurring for sure) 25% profit sharing on all my products on www.ApexHealth.Club – Free trials and money back guarantees you can pass out and offer. My integrity and brand is at least known and respected and I intend to expose deception here the way I do it everywhere else. I am about big things and while I usually lurk and don’t talk much here due to time constraints I know many of you have had life changing or even miraculous experiences on Carbon60.

Here are my GOALS:
  • Help people solve problems (in this case, health issues)
  • Do it freely with information (and then offer products for those who don’t want to DIY, or prefer to support)
  • Make people money, so they are passionate about sharing it.
  • Get people better, so they are passionate about sharing it(and maybe making money?)
  • Create win-win infrastructure for viral exposure, driving down prices (supply is catching up sooner rather than later, we all know it and its a good thing! Quality and novelty will still mean something ! – I have all kind of ideas for great c60 products when I have time or a leader to help run that division)
  • Get it out to the masses before THEY come for it. With their deceptions. At which point I will fight them on the world stage of influence.
  • Drain Big Pharma Profits. Weaken the System/Control/Monopoly. By the time they catch up, it will be too well known and easy to DIY. Like Cannabis it will be everywhere.
  • Outreach and educational programs towards those ends. With very passionate people in key spots on my team largely working for free to make sure happen because we share the same views.

I’m talking radical change, stopping bad guys, helping the innocent and suffering but I need your help to do that, and that is the system I’m building to that end.

Help me by asking companies to join my efforts to create a seal of authenticity and quality – this will force the liars out there to be accountable and potentially get them sued. Great.

This will create trust in a scary new area of health.

This will be cheap I hope! I am even willing to help pay or maybe even cover for the first 10 or something in order to get it started out of my own pocket.

Are you with me?

Lets get Quality control

What say you, brothers and sisters?”

Dustin Nemos