Frequently asked questions

Q: How much should I take? How do I take?

A: While I cannot give specific recommendations for dosages or anything – I can share with you what I and most others are doing in the C60 community.

Portions/Dose: There is no set Dose, only studies with various amazing results – Most tend to use about .5 to 2 teaspoons per day according to preference and need.

Sublingual – Many choose to hold under tongue for a time then swallow
Spoon or Vial – Many swallow directly
Topical – Many apply topically (I prefer coconut oil for both lotion and taste, myself – Though it is temperamental to temperature swings)

Please see my  C60 page  for more information.

Q: “Do you use c60 in animals eyes?”

A: I do not recommend this, never heard of anyone doing it. I give my pets oral c60 of 1 drop per day.



Q: What about Anxiety?

“Good morning (450 am East coast here) I was wondering if you could provide some guidance for me. I am currently taking alprazolam for anxiety, my doctor has since retired and Am struggling to find a new doctor. I was hoping for some insight on a product you may know of that helps people with anxiety disorder and PTSD. I know I shouldnt be on this medication as is ,but seems like only thing that calms me is this . Iam very willing to try to find natural ways to cope with this disorder and any guidance would be greatly appreciated. When I dont take it im nauseous ,my heart races and my thoughts dont stop or slow down ..hence up at 3 am most days dreading the day to come..please any thing you suggest would be of great value to me Thank you for taking the time of reading this and my apologies for run on sentences.”


Ok so, I’ve only met a few people in this world who were more socially anxious than I am, I am probably Asperger’s and definitely the most introverted person I’ve ever known – and the few people I did meet who were worse off were socially crippled and unable to perform basic functions. To be quite honest if I hadn’t had the life I had had, I wouldn’t have ever hit this point of ‘not giving a crap’ anymore and that, combined with some small measure of natural  humor/looks allowed me to build confidence in the dating world which transitioned into business. I got very lucky, I think, frankly. I’ve had some PTSD causing Traumas too, Jordan Peterson says those are just signs of a survivor of a trauma. The mind without legs has very strong arms – we cope.

So I say this to let you know I can definitely relate to you on that level. As for drugs – I don’t really ever take them unless I have to, such as in a life threatening situation or after surgery. My go to choices for social anxiety are this, and some may surprise you.

1. Read Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life – He has so many tricks from a master of his profession (psychology and how your brain works with anxiety and stuff) such as following the circadian rhythm (bed by 10pm etc) and how to eat a certain way (including a high protein/healthy fat breakfast each day) to balance your blood sugars and all these other things that if you don’t get right, you can’t solve anxiety at all period! I never knew! Take notes!

2. A bit of overlap – but the most important thing you can do is eat a healthy organic diet primarily consisting of raw leafy greens (some need steaming like broccoli or cooking, etc – but lots of raw enzymes are good, I do smoothies and it pre-digests a whole bunch of vegetables into a fast super drink daily. I even grow my own microgreens – which is a lot easier than it sounds.

3. Address all common known deficiencies. If you do everything else you will still be deficient in at least this (that I know of, and there’s others): Selenium, Magnesium, Iodine – I’ve recommended how to make Magnesium it’s so simple I don’t bother selling it as finished liquid (but I do have amazon links for much of these on my site and I get 4% or something!) and Iodine I do sell and teach how to make on my site. Selenium You can eat mustard seed (yuck) or go with the trace mineral drops from hallelujah diet company – I want to carry this product and am talking to them about it now.

4. Go for Walks.

5. Address any toxins coming in – or you will stay toxic even if you increase your body’s detox rate a lot. It’s a long list but if you’re eating the right way we can cut out most of it, others to avoid are Vaccines, Silver dental Amalgams, aluminum deodorants (breast cancer), aspartame/fake sugars (alternatives exist that are fine), Fluoride (in most drinking water bottles and in most public water supplies – reverse osmosis + mineral supplementation above will be perfect – tastes way better too)

6. Have fun.

7. Figure out how to Love Yourself – We all carry many scars and weaknesses – but you made it here. That’s a lot.

8. No person is an island. We all need a social network.

9. Just start taking steps, and building willpower. Everyday you delay builds a tiny thing into a bigger thing in your minds eye. And it becomes scary and then we delay more and it creates a negative feedback loop. This can get ugly. Been there.

10. Read Think and Grow Rich, by Napolean Hill. It’s old, but timeless. And will inspire you. Changed my life in a dark place once. The day my ambition sparked.

11. Honestly, depending on the risk(some states are insane about weed) Cannabis is a fairly healthy option for massive anxiety reduction, but it can become a dependency if you’re relying on it for that every day and then you get the usual tolerance build up and needing breaks and that stresses you out immensely on the withdrawal, so it’s a bit like paying the price all at once in private to have a comfortable social experience, and if you’re not in private – you get as snappy as a cigarette smoking who is ‘niccin’

of course none of this is medical advice, just what I’ve researched with Aspergers obsession into alt health.

Q: Black or Clear  C60? 


“As new demand has soared and new production techniques are created, tested, refined. The industry has experience change – there are numerous techniques resulting in very different end results in terms of Carbon60 Color. While opinions vary on the color changes (some are black, some are the traditional red/purple, and some are even clear now once filtered)

We have had a run of the ‘new type’ recently and experienced some color changes – this was unexpected as our supplier had been nearly 1 full year behind on orders (such was the demand that we are only just getting some of those orders in)

Rest assured – it’s lab verified real Carbon60 and we will keep you abreast of important industry changes here at RedPill Living.”