PROOF Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai knowingly LIED to Congress, which is a felony crime… when will tech CEOs be subjected to armed government raids?

(Natural News) We now have undeniable proof that Google has not only been blacklisting search terms and websites that get in the way of its leftist agenda, but also that Google executives like CEO Sundar Pichai have committed perjury by lying to Congress about it. One of the latest exposés by Project Veritas reveals beyond… […]

Cameras installed in airline seats are now surreptitiously record you during every flight, then store the video files indefinitely

(Natural News) If being subjected to radiation and groped at the airport wasn’t enough, now airline passengers will be monitored in their seats by CCTV cameras that can randomly take pictures of you, watch you eat, and pick your nose. In Hong Kong, individual camera screens are being installed in every headrest, glaring at each… […]

Mobile devices rewire your brain, turning you into a reward addict who craves more food

(Natural News) There’s a new risk factor for obesity and it doesn’t involve dieting, genetics, food consumption, hormone disrupters, or inactivity. The newest risk factor for obesity is of psychological origin and it all starts with the way we use electronics and social media. Scientists now warn about “media multitasking.” Not only does excessive electronic… […]

Tech giants are COLLUDING to silence all independent media, steal the 2020 election and suppress human knowledge

(Natural News) It truly is unprecedented how quickly open censorship of free speech has gone mainstream, with leftists everywhere cheering on tech giants like Facebook and Twitter as they “bravely” stifle conservative viewpoints from being expressed and shared online. As we have been warning, Big Tech is now fully engaged in an active collusion conspiracy… […]

Corrupt FBI was running a treasonous espionage operation against Trump… and it’s all about to come out

(Natural News) By now it should be obvious to fair-minded, thinking Americans concerned about the loss of trust in our country’s governing institutions that elements of the Obama administration and careerists in the Deep State conspired to keep Donald Trump out of the White House — and when that didn’t work, to undermine him and… […]

USDA issues recall of 700 lbs. of beef and pork that may have been blended with HUMAN blood… did somebody fall into the grinder?

(Natural News) In a disturbing announcement, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has indicated that more than 700 pounds of beef and pork is officially being recalled for mysterious contamination with human blood. The products in question, which came from U.S. Foods and were sold both fresh and frozen, were apparently marked by the… […]

Murder of Jeffrey Epstein by the deep state proves NO ONE is safe from the corrupt, treasonous swamp creatures that still rule America

(Natural News) There are more than a few people upset that serial pedophile and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is now dead. That’s because they believe he either took the easy way out — suicide — or was shown the easy way out and ‘suicided’ so to speak. Whatever the case, one thing is for… […]

Apple bans LifeSiteNews, just like it banned NaturalNews: All pro-life publishers are accused of “intolerance”

(Natural News) Just days after it finally received long-awaited approval from Apple to join the Apple News aggregator service, LifeSiteNews was pulled from the platform for allegedly violating Apple News “guidelines” – only to be reinstated just days after that, thanks to the efforts of free speech advocates who signed the Life Petition calling on… […]

NASA has pictures of Martian “mushrooms” indicating proof of life, says controversial new research

(Natural News) Years ago, NASA’s Curiosity rover snapped a set of photos of the surface of Mars. A provocative new study interpreted those images as evidence that mushrooms were growing on the Martian soil. The researchers pointed out features in 15 images that resembled algae, lichens, and mushrooms on Earth. They added that the shapes… […]