We’ve completed the lab testing: “Groovy Bee” Collagen Peptides (hydrolyzed collagen) now available through the Health Ranger Store

(Natural News) For the last three years, we’ve had many requests for a collagen peptides product, but given that collagen peptides are animal-derived, this product category requires extra scrutiny using high-end laboratory analysis equipment. Because most animals are fed GMO feed that’s laced with glyphosate, the cancer-causing herbicide chemical used across modern agriculture, it is… […]

Archaeologists discover COCAINE and other psychotropics in the 1,000-year-old belongings of a South American shaman

(Natural News) Early shamans who lived a thousand years ago used cocaine and other mind-altering substances for their rituals, according to a recent study. In their report, researchers have uncovered evidence that suggests that Native American mystics took the drug, as well as several plant-based psychotropics, to alter their consciousness. This comes after a recent investigation of the dry… […]

New study proves that biological males have a huge advantage when participating in women’s sports… even after they’ve been chemically castrated

(Natural News) A recently published study from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute confirms that biological males are stronger than women — and no amount of “chemical castration” is going to change that. Female athletes have been given the middle finger by “pc culture” and social justice warriors, in a vain attempt at pushing their so-called inclusion agenda…. […]

COUNTDOWN: DOJ’s IG report drops this Friday as Horowitz rolls truth grenades into deep state bunkers

(Natural News) Breaking news: The DOJ’s IG report detailing the deep state’s FISA abuse will be released this Friday, October 18, according to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo (see video below). The report has been assembled by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who has focused on abuses of power, FISA court fraud and possible criminal… […]