Why the Media Went Crazy for Keto Crotch

“Your Meat-Heavy Diet Might Be Giving You ‘Keto Crotch,’” an article1 on munchies.vice.com announces, claiming “Doctors have confirmed that changing your diet can create new and interesting smells … down there.” “‘Keto Crotch’ Might Be the Strongest Argument for Eating Carbs Yet,” Emily Alford reports on Jezebel.com.2 “‘Keto Crotch Is the Seriously Smelly Side Effect […]

College Leftists now claim the New Zealand attack means NOBODY can ever criticize Muslims ever again, including Chelsea Clinton

(Natural News) Most people who pay attention to politics wouldn’t describe former first daughter Chelsea Clinton as not being ‘woke’ or liberal enough.  But the increasingly radical Leftist faction of the Democrat Party is always looking to attack anyone who isn’t ‘sufficiently outraged’ about what they have deemed outrage-worthy for the day. The recent attack… […]

CLAIM: Google is aiding the Communist Chinese military in asserting global domination and the defeat of America

(Natural News) The top-dog general in the United States Military has issued a stark warning about tech giant Google, revealing that the company’s ongoing work in China is helping to bolster the communist country’s military strength. Speaking during a recent testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, General Joseph Dunford, who serves as chairman of… […]

California parents demand that radiation-emitting cell phone tower be removed from elementary school property after four students, three teachers develop cancer

(Natural News) A coalition of concerned parents is quickly forming in Central California, where local students and teachers alike are reportedly developing cancer at alarming rates. The cause? According to these parents, at least, it’s a cell phone tower on the campus of Weston Elementary School in Ripon, near Modesto, that’s constantly blasting insane amounts… […]

Conservative? Hardly. New Zealand mass shooter is a far-Left “eco-fascist” who praised communist China

(Natural News) As usual, the lying mainstream media is busy plastering up fake headlines all over the place about the latest mass shooting incident that took place in New Zealand, describing the alleged shooter as a “Trump-supporting white supremacist” who hates Muslims for being brown. But the guy’s own 1,500-page manifesto, which Big Tech is… […]

Measles being spread by VACCINATED children, research confirms

(Natural News) Mainstream media reports are brimming with condemnation against parents who make the informed decision not to vaccinate their children, claiming that unvaccinated individuals are directly responsible for triggering the handful of recent measles “outbreaks” that have been reported across the United States. But studies show that it’s actually the vaccinated “herd,” in many… […]

Medical TYRANNY: Cops raid cancer patient’s hospital room because he was using cannabis oil to successfully treat cancer symptoms

(Natural News) In the latest example of law enforcement resources being ridiculously misused, police raided the hospital room of a man dying from cancer in search of marijuana. The incident took place at Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar, Missouri, where Nolan Sousley was receiving treatment for pancreatic cancer. The Stage 4 cancer patient has been… […]

Greenpeace founder echoes Health Ranger warning: AOC’s Green New Deal is deadly, “Half the population will die”

(Natural News) Patrick Moore is the co-founder of Greenpeace, one of the best-known environmental groups in the world. Over the last week, Moore has lashed out against the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “Green New Deal,” explaining it would be the “end of civilization” and warning that “half the population will die.” Patrick Moore: The Green New Deal… […]