Health Benefits of Carbon 60 (C-60)

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Our supplier told us even if he had 10kg right now, all of it is sold already and he’d need another 20kg just to keep on top of things. Carbon 60 takes a lot of time to make and is made in small quantities. Our supplier is using this time (while it’s quiet) to scale up and make significant investment. They have also stopped taking orders. However they are supplying C60 in small amounts of a few grams and hopefully everything will be resolved in time.The situation is completely out of our hands. We are doing everything humanly possible to get raw carbon 60.
Predicting a shortage disaster would happen, we ordered large supplies in early July, long before the shortage but were still too late even at that point.
We’ve contacted companies in Europe, Asia and the US and some are not even responding. So even October is not looking good. If we were to be honest, we’d say at this point December. Mr. Nemos as I suggested, you can receive a full refund. But there is no way the prices will remain and you are wise to have placed orders, because we feel significant price increases are on the cards and we’ll have to pass them on. We’ve been warned again and again about price increases by our supplier and other manufacturers. We are working on making a reactor right now, but that is also going to take time. It’s a completely bespoke reactor and we’ll be developing it as we build it. It’s completely different than anything else. We’re not looking for partners right now, but perhaps there could be an opening for same or similar in the future, when this mess gets ironed out. If you have knowledge of a supplier, please let us know.”


What is Carbon 60?

This came across my notice as a firsthand experience and I wanted to share it (I can’t make claims or even say this is a typical experience, but you decide it’s worth)

Carbon 60 (C-60) is a Carbon structure based on the Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome design (nicknamed Buckyballs). C-60 is also known as Fullerene – after Bucky Fuller. C-60 is a molecule that is shaped very much like a soccer ball. It is a molecule in the shape of a spherical ball, made of 60 carbon atoms (C60). Its structure has both hexagon and pentagon formations. It is found in nature, as the result of the residuals of a lightning strike typically in soot or other carbon-based ash in very small amounts. The C-60 is also made in laboratories with an expensive and time consuming synthetic process.

In the numerous independent Laboratories and Universities research studies, primarily in Russia, Europe, China, and Japan, noted in the references cited below have shown remarkable health and longevity benefits. The medical and chemical research industry noticed the physical properties of C-60 several years ago in the mid-1980’s. They discovered that C-60 was physically inactive, in that they won’t react with anything indicating that they are harmless and totally non-toxic to the body.

C-60 atoms are chemically inert and the spherical ball shape forms a perfectly symmetrical structure… at the very small Nano level, as in Nano-technology. No other molecule has been found in the current research that bonds with C-60 thus allowing unstable molecules, such as free radicals, to adhere to the C-60 molecules. This permits the C-60 to remove the free radicals as a very superior antioxidant – research shows it is 100 times more effective in removing free radicals than Vitamin E and 172 times more effective than Vitamin C.

Since C-60 molecules will not dissolve in water and are chemically inert, C-60 research has discovered organic oil that will, with a specific mixing process, act as a carrier of the C-60 – specifically Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil as well as several others. After testing 9 different organic oils, such as Grape Seed Oil, Apricot Oil, Linseed Oil, etc., the research found Olive to be superior. In addition, Olive Oil is readily available and less expensive than the other oils.

C-60 is the combination of C-60 at the purity level of 99.95% and organic, cold pressed pure Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or Avocado Oil. C-6Olive is the product of a proprietary process that combines the two ingredients, as well as a proprietary frequency enhancement process into the final version that is marketed by Live Longer Labs.

Among the documented benefits reported in the research and testing are:

• Longevity – Research Shows a Doubling or more of Life Expectancy.

• Inhibiting the Rate of Tumor Growth and Metastasis

• Superior Antioxidant

• Cardiovascular Health

• Improved Cognitive Ability

• Increased Stamina & Overall Feeling Good

Clif High on C60 – Preparing for Long Life


What Can C60 Do (In Theory, No claims of course…)

According to Selfhacked.com

Is it Safe?

Lead researcher in Baati Rat study ( toxicity study that ended up doubling life rather than kill the rats!) said ‘Safe at high doses over long Periods of Time.’




Allometric Scaling (see below) suggests less than 1 mg/day ( C60 producers fail to mention this low dosage requirement. I find this dishonest and putting profits over people. (Though I’d make a lot of money if I left this out!)

Dosage Quotes:

Also see: Dosage Calculator (For Animals..)

The rats were given 1.7 mg/kg body weight 24 times over a 7-month period. Say the average lifespan of a human is 900 months and the average lifespan of a rat is 36 months. So humans live 25 times longer. So the rats were on C60 for roughly 20% of their natural expected lifespan. The rats received a total of 24 x (1.7 / 2) mg = 27.4 mg. Say the average human weighs 70 kilo, 140 times more than the rats in the study. Then during 20% of his/her lifespan (15 years), a human would need to take 27.4 x 140 x 25 = 95900 mg. 95900 g / (15 x 365) = 17.5 mg/day. However, there is such a thing as allometric scaling, when scaling a dose from one weight class into another:

You can verify there that there is an allometric scaling factor of 3.44 from our rats to humans, yielding an equivalent daily C60 dose for humans of 5 mg/day. (Use the following parameters: Weight1 = 0.5 kg, Weight2 = 70 kg, Dose1 = 0.85 mg, Exponent = 0.75). So my calculations get 5 mg/day. However, there is not much reason to believe that this dose is required, to enjoy the beneficial effect. The rat study’s goal was to find toxic effects, not establish medicinal properties.

All we have in one anecdotal report from someone who took a single 2 mg dose and said that 4 hours after he took that dose, he could run 3 km, something he had not been able to do for a decade (correct me if I’m wrong). So I think it’s reasonable, so far, taking many (more) factors into account, to advise 1 mg/day. If we take allotrometric scaling into account. there are many factors that play a role. The optimal dose may be lower or higher, and the dose at which you’re seeing a substantial beneficial effect may be an order of magnitude less.


This product is ‘not for human consumption’ but I use it for myself and my pets. As always do your own research!

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice.

Disclaimer: I make 0 claims about this product or any others – I only share information and research.



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This page has a LOT of information and quotes including one breakdown of the math for theoretical oral dosing, but it came out to 5mg a day for health benefits for humans in theory. I personally sell this as a moisturizer, because its a lot simpler business model than dealing with the supplement regulations (maybe one day!) but its the exact same C60 that has such extensive research (In fact, I source the best and purest powder from the best producers – and there is a LOT of variety out there in terms of quality.)





1. Some people are selling C60 oils without C60.
2. Some are selling ‘wood ash’ and claiming it has c60 in it. This is false and while charcoal has its uses in detoxing – you can get it for a lot less than the prices they are charging for ‘c60’ which is not c60. True c60 is made using a fullerene generator and running powerful electrical arcs between 2 graphite rods in a gas enclosure – it gets hotter than the sun.
3. Some are selling c60 with the ‘solvents’ not yet cleaned off (using vacuum sealed oven processes)

I will also be selling the C60 Powder by the Gram for those who are interested in making their own at a lower price than Buckylabs (Take advantage of my purchasing in BULK to save yourself even more when you make your own c60, a very economical way to go with the Beaker and Magnetic Stirrer recommended below.)



Carbon60 Research


On April 10th 2012, a study entitled The Prolongation of the Lifespan of Rats by Repeated Oral Administration of [60]Fullerene was published in the highly reputed and peer reviewed journal Biomaterials. According to the study, by feeding rats Carbon 60 dissolved in olive oil, the average lifespan of the subject may be increased by up to 90%. In its conclusion, the study states that “C60 should be the most efficient ever material for extending lifespan“. In an interview, the lead researcher, Professor Fathi Moussa, said that C60 is “absolutely not toxic” “even taken long term”.


Antioxidant research and C60

Possible Mechanisms of Fullerene C60 Antioxidant Action

BioMed Research International

​Novel mechanism of antioxidant activity of buckminsterfullerene C60 based on protons absorbing and mild uncoupling of mitochondrial respiration and phosphorylation was postulated. In the present study we confirm this hypothesis using computer modeling based on Density Functional Theory. Fullerene’s geroprotective activity is sufficiently higher than those of the most powerful reactive oxygen species scavengers. We propose here that C60 has an ability to acquire positive charge by absorbing inside several protons and this complex could penetrate into mitochondria. Such a process allows for mild uncoupling of respiration and phosphorylation. This, in turn, leads to the decrease in ROS production.

Read research

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Assorted Benefits of C60

A carboxyfullerine SOD mimetic improves cognition and extends the lifespan of mice

Kevin L. Quick a, Sameh S. Ali a, Robert Arch b, Chengjie Xiong c, David Wozniak d, Laura L. Dugan a,∗

In lower organisms, such as Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila, many genes identified as key regulators of aging are involved in either detoxification of reactive oxygen species or the cellular response to oxidatively-damaged macromolecules. Transgenic mice have been generated to study these genes in mammalian aging, but have not in general exhibited the expected lifespan extension or beneficial behavioral effects, possibly reflecting compensatory changes during development. We administered a small-molecule synthetic enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) mimetic to wild-type (i.e. non-transgenic, non-senescence accelerated) mice starting at middle age. Chronic treatment not only reduced age-associated oxidative stress and mitochondrial radical production, but significantly extended lifespan. Treated mice also exhibited improved performance on the Morris water maze learning and memory task. This is to our knowledge the first demonstration that an administered antioxidant with mitochondrial activity and nervous system penetration not only increases lifespan, but rescues age-related cognitive impairment in mammals. SOD mimetics with such characteristics may provide unique complements to genetic strategies to study the contribution of oxidative processes to nervous system aging. © 2006 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Interview with Fathi Moussa: C60 Toxicity and Longevity study

Living Longer – C60 Olive Oil Interview with Fathi Moussa – C60oo Longevity study

Fathi Moussa April, 2015 published his research results on C60. The goal of the research was to discover the toxicity levels of Carbon 60. Dr. Moussa reports there are no toxic effects from Carbon 60 in its pure form.

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Possible Mechanisms of Fullerene C60 Antioxidant Action

BioMed Research International

​Novel mechanism of antioxidant activity of buckminsterfullerene C60 based on protons absorbing and mild uncoupling of mitochondrial respiration and phosphorylation was postulated. In the present study we confirm this hypothesis using computer modeling based on Density Functional Theory. Fullerene’s geroprotective activity is sufficiently higher than those of the most powerful reactive oxygen species scavengers. We propose here that C60 has an ability to acquire positive charge by absorbing inside several protons and this complex could penetrate into mitochondria. Such a process allows for mild uncoupling of respiration and phosphorylation. This, in turn, leads to the decrease in ROS production.

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Pristine C60 Fullerenes Inhibit the Rate of Tumor Growth and Metastasis

S.V. Prylutska1,*, A.P. Burlaka2 , Yu.I. Prylutskyy1 , U. Ritter3 , P. Scharff3

Aim: To estimate the impact of C60 fullerene aqueous solution (C60FAS) on the rate of transplanted malignant tumor growth and metastasis. Methods: Lewis lung carcinoma was transplanted into С57Bl/6J male mice. Conventional methods for the evaluation of antitumor and antimetastatic effects have been used. Results: The C60FAS at low single therapeutic dose of 5 mg/kg inhibited the growth of transplanted malignant tumor (antitumor effect) and metastasis (antimetastatic effect): the maximum therapeutic effect was found to be of 76.5% for the tumor growth inhibition; the increase of animal life span by 22% was found; the metastasis inhibition index was estimated as 48%. Conclusion: It was found that water-soluble pristine С60 fullerenes efficiently inhibit the transplanted malignant tumor growth and metastasis.

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Top 9 C60 Oil (Fullerene) Health Benefits + Risks

C60 is still relatively new, but the studies on it showed results so profound that people think they are fraudulent. The process of peer-review is ongoing, although C60 Oil has dramatically increased the life spans of rats by 90%.

I’ll outline all the current interesting scientific findings on C60 Oil below.

Top 9 C60 Oil (Fullerene) Health Benefits + Risks

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USA Today: Extra virgin olive oil staves off Alzheimer’s, preserves memory, new study shows

Temple University research shows extra-virgin olive oil protects against memory loss, preserves the ability to learn and reduces conditions associated with Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers at the college’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine found mice with EVOO-enriched diets had better memories and learning abilities compared to the rodents who didn’t eat the oil.

The real effect of EVOO appeared in the inner-workings of the mice’s brains. Neuron connections in the brain were better preserved in those on an EVOO diet.

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Various facts about how C60 acts in the body

  1. C-60 is monomolecular – that is its one molecule thick.
  2.  C-60 shape can be thought of as that of a soccer ball wire frame with only the grid lines.
  3. C-60 is unique in that the holes in the “wireframe” structure are large enough to allow hydrogen atoms to go through. Also, the node points on this grid can also have many hydrogen atoms attached to it.
  4. Our bodies are mostly Carbon and Silicon and because of this characteristic, our bodies digest C-60 very well.
  5. C-60 does no harm what’s so ever.
  6. Our bodies do not break C-60 down but can excrete it. Once the C-60 gloms onto the hydrogen atoms in the body, it becomes a super, super antioxidant! They work at a nanomolecular level.
  7. Because it is Carbon, it can pass through the cellular membranes and pass the blood-brain barrier. Other antioxidants, like Vitamin C, can’t do this the same way.
  8. C-60 can cluster around the mitochondria of your cells, and the hydrogen globs onto the oxygen and thus instantly your oxidative stress damage to your body, the creation of which is known as Free Radicals, starts reducing. Free Radicals degrade our Telomeres, Free Radicals degrade our bodies. This degrading causes us to not replicate the cells as cleanly as before.
  9. C-60 wraps around the core of the cell and picks up all of the oxygen damage until it completely full of it and you excrete the C-60 with all of those toxins.
  10. C-60 is 172 times more potent than Vitamin C as an antioxidant – Vitamin C is the most powerful antioxidant found on this planet… until the discovery of C-60 as a true Super Antioxidant.
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Anti-Wrinkle – Clinical evaluation of fullerene-C60 dissolved in squalane for anti-wrinkle cosmetics

Carbon 60 Research – https://carbon60plus.com/research/

C60 is an incredibly powerful and reusable antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals that surround our cells, making it a game-changer in the health and skin care industries.

C60 is 172 times more potent than Vitamin C because it defuses the reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the body by working as an electron reservoir without altering its own structure. This means that it is able to reuse itself more times than any antioxidant ever can.

Studies have found that C60 strongly prevents oxidative damage and tumor formation in lab rats, helping them live nearly twice as long.

– C60 is the world’s most efficient known free radical scavenger.

– 34 oxygen radicals have been added onto a single C60 molecule.

– Able to cross the blood-brain barrier

– Can react with many superoxides without being consumed.

– Derivatives are rapidly absorbed by tissues and excreted through urinary tract; low to no toxicity in vitro and in vivo in studies.

– Possesses a large amount of conjugated double bonds and low lying lowest unoccupied molecular orbital which can easily take up an electron from an attack of an oxygen radical.

– Potentially therapeutic against arthritic pain, cancer, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and neurodegenerative disorders like Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s from performed research.


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Additional Research Below:





Hydrogen Water

Research links – http://www.healthalkaline.com/scientist-explains-benefits-of-hydrogen-rich-alkaline-water/

Research links – https://www.honeycolony.com/article/hydrogen-rich-water-health-benefits/

Dosage Calculator

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