Free C60


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Are you open to trying a C60 7-Day Supply ABSOLUTELY FREE, I believe in this product so much – I will cover the shipping. If you haven’t seen the research behind why I and so many others are so excited about this product and why it’s been sold out lately and producers cannot keep up with demand then go to my c60 page HERE and learn more now!

No fakes and phonies like wood ash or activated charcoal posed as ‘black c60’

This is the real deal, make in a reactor that bounces lightning bolts between 2 rods of graphite (similar to pencil “lead”) and is then processed (usually with dangerous solvents that many producers buy included knowing you will never know the difference) and then ‘baked’ clean purified c60 is twice the price!)

You’ve got nothing to lose.

C60 Short Video Coming. Check back for updates.

Though I cannot give dosing for Carbo60, Most in this industry tend to do portions of about 1 drop per 14lbs of body weight or between .5 to 2 tsps/vials (depending on health or lack thereof)

And the lead researcher said that Carbon60 is safe at high doses over long periods of time.