Full Spectrum Bulbs


According to https://www.ledwatcher.com/what-is-full-spectrum-lighting-and-what-are-its-advantages/

The advantages of full-spectrum lighting

Since full-spectrum lamps generally cost more than traditional types of lamps, you probably wonder what the reason for you to at least consider purchasing full-spectrum light bulbs is. Here is the list of some of the benefits that are associated with the usage of full-spectrum lighting:

  • Improves color perception;
  • Improves visual clarity;
  • Improves vitamin D synthesis in the body;
  • Improves mood;
  • Improves productivity;
  • Improves plant growth;
  • Improves scholastic performance of students;
  • Improves mental awareness;
  • Improves results of light therapy for sleep disorders;
  • Improves retail sales;
  • Improves results of light therapy in treating seasonal affective disorder (SAD);
  • Reduces incidence of dental decay.

As you can see, all of the factors mentioned above are quite subjective and it is true that the real effects of full-spectrum lighting are still studied. These advantages have been mainly promoted by marketing experts and hence it is not 100% guaranteed that your productivity will surely improve with full-spectrum lighting. On the other hand, this light surely is a lot more pleasant and can boost your concentration capabilities. Although it is very much doubted that full-spectrum light sources can provide better visual performance compared to other type of lighting, it has been proven that full-spectrum lamps can make architectural spaces much brighter.

Also, a lot of manufacturers very enthusiastically emphasize the health benefits of full-spectrum lamps although in this aspect as well there is nearly no solid research done that would base this statement. While full-spectrum lighting surely could make you feel nicer and cozier, your health will firstly depend on many other factors such as diet, physical activities, lifestyle and sleep. Natural light is known to be the main force bringing certain patterns into your everyday processes but it is doubted that artificial full-spectrum light can ensure the same effect. However, this does not necessarily mean that full-spectrum lighting could not have positive psychological effects. Have you ever felt weather induced depression simply during the winter and autumn? Positive affect induced by natural daylight does improve one’s mood and motivation and thus can increase productivity. Full-spectrum light sources strive to provide this positive association related with natural daylight. There have been a few studies conducted on psychological advantages of full-spectrum light sources yet also in this field there is still a huge scientific gap that should be filled with more varied and representative data.