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  • A Powerful Antioxidant That Can Reduce Free Radical Damage
  • Unparalleled Bioavailability With Micelle Liposomal Delivery
  • Supports Healthy Aging, Skin Elasticity, Hair & Nail Appearance
  • Can Enhance Immune Function & Help Fend Off Infections

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“Vitamin C is the world’s best natural antibiotic, antiviral, antitoxin and antihistamine. The importance of vitamin C cannot be overemphasised.”

– Andrew W. Saul, The Vitamin Expert –



“I’ve noticed such a big difference since taking this product. My skin and hair feel so much stronger and clearer, and I generally feel more like me!”


great value

“As an athlete, reducing inflammation and recovering from training sessions is really important to me. This vitamin C plays a key role in recovery and helps me be come back stronger every time!”

Pete C.


“Tastes great, is easy to take, and leaves me feeling full of energy to tackle the day and be there for my family when they need me”

Jan S.

The simple key to wellness & longevity?



As a wellness savvy individual, you’ve no doubt heard about some of the potential benefits of Vitamin C.

But you might not be aware of just how powerful this humble micronutrient can be…

It’s been called by some experts “the most important nutritional substance known to man”, and for good reasons.

There are nearly 60,000 PubMed studies documenting the impact Vitamin C has on just about every system in the body.

Sliced orange


“Vitamin C supplementation can increase collagen production by 8-fold, improving hair, skin, & connective tissue health”

– National Academy of Sciences [1]

“High levels of Vitamin C can reduce work related fatigue in normally healthy subjects”

– Nutrition Journal [2]

“High doses of Vitamin C may play a key role in the protection against blood cancer

– Cell Journal [5]

“Higher blood levels of Vitamin C are associated with a reduced risk of stroke

– Stroke Journal [4]

“After 6 weeks of Vitamin C, the rate of monocyte adhesion (associated with arteriosclerosis) fell by 37%

– Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology [3]

“In athletes, Vitamin C supplementation enhances immune function and cuts the risk of catching the common cold in half”

– Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine [6]


Vitamin C:
A Rich History of Profound Benefits

Dr. Linus Pauling

Story Time: There once lived a great biochemist named Dr. Linus Pauling

Born in 1901, Pauling was a two-time Nobel Prize Winner & widely considered a forerunner where Vitamin C research is concerned.

From his studies, he claimed that high dose Vitamin C supplementation could effectively prevent (and potentially even treat) the biggest killers known to man, including the infamous three:


Initially, Dr. Linus’ fascinating experiments and claims were largely dismissed by the larger medical community. The sounded almost too good to be true…

But the overwhelming evidence since his death in 1994 suggests he was onto something!

The National Cancer Institute highlights numerous studies that show high-dose Vitamin C can help slow the growth of prostate, pancreatic, liver and colon cancer, and even improve symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, vomitingand chronic pain.[31]

A large study spanning ten years found that men who took 800 mg of Vitamin C per day (10x the RDA) had significantly heart disease and also lived up to 6 years longer than those taking the guideline value of 60 mg.[32]

A Japanese 20-year long study found that those with the highest serum levels of vitamin C had a 29 percent lower risk for stroke. It may come down to arterial health, as Vitamin C helps vasodilation and aids in collagen synthesis, which helps keep blood vessels supple.[33]

Vitamin c
One of the Most Potent Antioxidants Known to Man

In our technological modern world, we’re constantly bombarded by toxins and stressors. The result is free radical production, inflammation, pain & disease.

antioxidants help neutraliZe free radicals, and It just so happens that Vitamin C is one of the best in the business.

The water soluble micronutrient often gets overshadowed in the nutrition world by newer, more exotic antioxidant compounds, but that doesn’t make it any less potent…

Not only does it help protect the immune system, combat oxidation and reduce inflammation, Vitamin C can aid the body in regenerating Glutathione – another immensely powerful antioxidant.

the key takeaway:

“Even in small amounts vitamin C can protect indispensable molecules in the body, such as proteins, lipids (fats), carbohydrates, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), from damage by free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are generated during normal metabolism, by active immune cells, and through exposure to toxins and pollutants…”

Linus Pauling Institute[7]

There’s just one big issue…

Most People Aren’t Getting Anywhere Near
Enough Vitamin C!


Unlike most mammals, we humans have lost our ability to produce our own Vitamin C. Some scientists believe this is down to a genetic defect.

Whatever the reason, Vitamin C deficiency is a very real and growing problem.

It’s estimated that 25-33% of people are marginally deficient, and up to 20% of some populations are severely deficient. And if you’re a college student, smoker, or older adult – you may be at an even higher risk![9,10]

diagram of percent quantity of deficient(58%), normal(8%) and below normal(33%)

Vitamin C levels in patients with hematopoietic malignancies[30]

The above data demonstrates the increasingly understood correlation between low Vitamin C levels and the development of chronic diseases, including certain types of cancer.

Just a few harmful side effects of a Vitamin C
deficiency include:

Easy bruising

Easy bruising

Inflamed gums

Inflamed gums

Weight gain

Weight gain

Leaky gut

Leaky gut

Weakened immune system

immune system

Dry hair & rough skin

Dry hair &
rough skin

Swollen & painful joints

Swollen &
painful joints

So, what are your options for obtaining Vitamin C?

The three main methods available to you right now include:

1. Whole Foods

For the most part, whole foods are a great first point of call. Foods like red peppers, oranges, and leafy greens are rich in Vitamin C and many other important vitamins and minerals too.

But here’s the big problem that then the healthiest people run into:

1. Whole Foods

Modern agricultural techniques mean soils are much more
depleted in key nutrients that they used to be.

A Kushi Institute analysis of nutrient data from 1975 to 1997 found that average Vitamin C levels in crops had reduced by 30% and it’s likely we’ve seen even more depletion in the 20 years since then.[12]

What’s more, cooking methods such as stir-frying and boiling lead to a further decrease in Vitamin C content of 38%, compared to raw or lightly steamed veg.[13]

2. Conventional supplements

If you’re unable to obtain all the Vitamin C you’d like from your food, supplementation seems like the logical next step.

When done right it can work wonders, but for the most part, that’s not the case…

 2. Conventional supplements

  • To cut costs many manufacturers will source cheap ingredients from China and fill their product with artificial fillers, flavorings and processed ingredients to make them palatable.
  • Then there’s the issue of absorption. Due to poor quality ingredients and a disregard to bioavailability, absorption of conventional, synthetic oral Vitamin C supplements is typically extremely poor (with some estimating as low as 15%).[14,15]
  • Digestive issues are also common. Ascorbic acid (the supplement form of Vitamin C) has a very low pH and when not treated properly, can lead to stomach issues such as cramping and diarrhea.[16]

the sad truth is that with many CHEAP supplements out there today, you’re essentially paying for sugar pills. It’s unlikely YOU’LL experience the real benefits that Vitamin C has to offer.

3. Intravenous Vitamin C

Long-time considered the gold standard for Vitamin C absorption, IVs deliver the micronutrient directly into the bloodstream.

It’s a great option if you have access to it, but it doesn’t come without its drawbacks:

  • Getting an IV can be inconvenient, as it ideally needs to be done by a medical professional. That means booking an appointment, traveling to the facility, getting the procedure done and then traveling back home. Most people simply don’t have that time in the day.
  • Then there’s the cost. Intravenous Vitamin C treatments range in price, upwards of $200 for a single dosage. As Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that needs to be regularly topped up, that’s a lot to fork out for a one off serving!
  • Intravenous means dealing with needles. Even if you have the funds and time to get regular Vitamin C IVs, it still means you have to face the needle whenever you want a top up. For those with a phobia, this can be a scary prospect!

Thankfully, there’s now another way…

Vitamin C



Oral Vitamin C specifically designed for maximum absorption.

No more sugar pills or expensive IVs. Our patented delivery system allows Vitamin C to pass through the digestive system safely and target the cells that need it most.

We use a revolutionary process 100% unique to PuraTHRIVE® to administer Vitamin C quickly and efficiently. We’ll get into the details soon, but first…

Here’s how it stacks up against other
Vitamin C delivery methods:

comparison table

Introducing MICELLE Liposomal Delivery:
The New Gold Standard

step one



VITAMIN C Fermentation

First we use an all-natural fermentation process to produce a high quality, bioavailable form of Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid.

The L-Ascorbic Acid used in our Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C is the form found in nature that’s much easier for your body to absorb and use than the synthetic version, D-Ascorbic Acid.

step two



ACID BUFFERING for easy digestion

To counteract the low pH of Ascorbic Acid and avoid any stomach upset, we buffer it with a natural bicarbonate downstream process, allowing the Vitamin C to react with natural Potassium Bicarbonate.

The Ascorbic Acid releases the potassium, producing CO2 which then helps neutralize the Vitamin C to make it easy to digest & utilize.

step three



Micelle Liposomal Encapsulation & Delivery

Time for the finishing touch. The Vitamin C is then encapsulated into tiny, nano-sized micelles which are further enveloped into liposomes – essentially healthy fat cells.

The protective liposomes shield the tiny Vitamin C micelles from the hostile environment and absorption barriers found in the human gut.

As the liposomes travel through the digestive system, they slowly peel away in a controlled manner. The micelles are gradually released and eventually the buffered Vitamin C is deposited near the gut lining where it can be fully absorbed.


Vitamin C is protected through all stages
of digestion, and delivered safely to the cells that need it most.

What the experts are saying:

“Comparing the bioavailability of all other oral vitamin C delivery with oral liposomal delivery is like comparing a squirt gun to a fire hose …far surpasses any traditional oral vitamin C supplement… may sometimes be better than IV injection.”

― Dr. Thomas E. Levy, Board Certified Cardiologist ―

The Four A’s
of Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C

The list of potential benefits go on and on. But here are four of our favorites.


Drink from the fountain of youth

As well as helping you battle the aging process by neutralizing free radicals and reducing oxidative cell damage, Vitamin C plays a key role in the synthesis and absorption of collagen.

Why is that important?

Collagen is a key structural protein found in the body that is also often used as supplement in the beauty industry to promote healthy hair, nails and connective tissues.

It can also help keep you looking and feeling youthful by protecting your skin from UV damage from the sun, as well as speeding up wound healing, improving hydration, and reducing discoloration. [1]



Get the most out of your food

Vitamin C doesn’t just boast a ton of benefits in its own right – it may also be the key to unlocking the nutrition in your food.

As well as improving collagen bioavailability, Vitamin C can help the body absorb:

Iron – essential for the production of red blood cells and maintaining energy levels.[17]

Vitamin E – works synergistically with Vitamin C, protects against environmental toxins and promotes eye health.[18]

Zinc – together with Vitamin C has been shown to have an immune enhancing effect, as well as balancing hormone levels and modulating fertility.[19]


And that’s not all…


Curcumin Vitamin C
The ultimate combo?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C just so happens to pair nicely with another compound that we’re big fans of here at PuraTHRIVE® – Turmeric Curcumin.

As you might already know, alone Curcumin supplementation has a wide range of potential benefits, including reduced inflammation and relief from joint pain.[20] But when paired with Vitamin C, the results are taken to the next level.

Just some of the potential benefits include:

  • Improved Circulation & Heart Health – In animal Studies, Curcumin has been shown to increase the effect of Vitamin C in protecting the function of endothelial cells (those that line the walls of blood vessels).[21]
  • Enhanced Detoxification – Animal studies showed that taking Curcumin along with Vitamin C before exposure to toxic cadmium resulted in enhanced protection and recovery.[22]
  • Boosted Sexual Health – The powerful synergistic antioxidant effect of Curcumin and Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the risk of developing sperm shape abnormalities.[23]



Vitamin C is proving to be more than just a simple antioxidant, nd may be one of the most important supplements available for anyone looking to maintain their mental edge.

It seems that the unique properties of the micronutrient may offer neuroprotective effects against dementia, increasing blood flow to certain parts of the brain and potentially even improving cognitive function in later life.[24]

The way the molecule is structured also means it can potentially improve symptoms of anxiety and depression on a cellular level.

Although more research is needed into this area, it’s a promising thought for those with mental health issues who want to limit their exposure to potentially harmful anti-depressant medications…[25]



Set Your Personal Best

From the workplace to the track, Vitamin C could soon be a go-to with regards to increased performance. We briefly mentioned earlier that Vitamin C may help to improve heart function and blood flow, two very important factors in almost any sporting discipline.

But there’s more…

  • Research suggests that Vitamin C supplementation can reduce post-exercise muscle soreness, and when combined with Vitamin E, it can even negate the insulin-sensitivity increasing effects of exercise in both trained and untrained individuals.[26,27]
  • Higher Vitamin C levels are significantly correlated with lower BMI, percentage of body fat, and waist circumference – all of which can be important for both health and performance.[28]
  • Women with higher Vitamin C levels tend to have higher levels of the fat-suppressing hormone, Adiponectin.[28]
  • And for the males, by protecting the testes from oxidative stress, animal studies suggest that Vitamin C (in combination with Vitamin E) can preserve testosterone levels – a key hormone involved in muscle growth and repair.[29]


Our 3-Step Formula:
For Ultimate Wellness

1. High Quality Vitamin C

Non GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free L-Ascorbic Acid manufactured in a GMC Certified Lab. No compromises.

2. Ultimate Bioavailability

Revolutionary Micelle Liposomal delivery technology for maximum absorption. The new Gold Standard Vitamin C.

3. Great Tasting

No artificial colors or flavors used whatsoever – just great tasting, all natural vanilla and citrus oils.


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So that means if you’re EVER unsatisfied with anything you buy from us here at PuraTHRIVE®, you have a full 60-days to try it out, during this time you can return any unused portion for a full refund.

Order today and try it out for yourself. If you don’t notice a huge shift in the way you feel, just let us know you weren’t satisfied and we’ll send you a 100% refund on your order.

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Ingredients: Glycerin, *Vitamin C Liposomal Proprietary Blend (non GMO Sunflower oil containing Phosphatidylcholine and Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid)), Purified Water, Citrus oil and Vanilla (Natural Flavors), Vitamin E, Beta Carotene (natural color), Potassium Bicarbonate, Oleic Acid, and Citric Acid.

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